ReadyFleet is a fleet service & management company that provides 24 hour emergency roadside services for all class vehicles.

  • Truck & Trailer Repairs
  • All Class Towing & Recovery
  • Tire Repairs
  • DPF Services
  • Roadside Assistance

The ReadyFleet network is an extensive database we have built throughout the years in the industry. Our network consists of Service Vendors, Parts Distributors, Dealerships & Travel Stops.

The network is built exclusively by the ReadyFleet team & each member of our team has contributed in the on-boarding. We work hard to ensure that all within our network know their worth & value to us & to our clients while simultaneously showing our worth & value to their jobs, businesses & careers.

When it comes to the trucking industry, ReadyFleet knows how hard of a job drivers have. Even in the best paying, easy going, home on weekends, my boss is great atmosphere, trucking is no easy job, It takes someone truly special & unique to be a commercial truck driver. It's not just "another job" that anyone can do.

The team at ReadyFleet has been around the industry long enough to know that not all service vendors provide quality work or reasonable prices, the countless scams that plague our industry & knowing what it's like to be in uncharted territory with little knowledge of who to call for service. Not everybody is swift with technology. Not everybody is comfortable with others. Not everybody stays calm & put in frantic situations.

ReadyFleet was born to change all of that. ReadyFleet provides you with options & answers. ReadyFleet provides you with transparency.

We've expanded our services to individuals because we pride ourselves in helping people. Our goal is to help you get out of your sticky situation as fast as possible, as budget friendly as possible & provided by licensed, insured & experienced service vendors.

ReadyFleet is here to serve you with integrity & pride.

24 Hour Emergency Service is provided all year long, including holidays.

Client Relations

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Network Relations

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm


Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm.


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

No membership is required for you to receive service. The ReadyFleet team is more than happy to assist you with getting back headed in the right direction.

When you call in to ReadyFleet, a knowledgable, experienced & friendly dispatcher will take your information. If you do not know where you are, a one-time SMS will be sent to your mobile phone for you to consent for ReadyFleet to pull your geo-location. When the ReadyFleet dispatcher knows exactly where you are, they will present you with the nearest affiliate service vendors & what their rates are. If you are okay with these rates, the ReadyFleet dispatcher will proceed with securing payment information & send you a Road Service Authorization form. Upon completion of that form, your payment method will be charged a non-refundable security deposit & service will be initiated.

In the unlikely event that something such as price, ETA or service tech were to change, the ReadyFleet dispatcher will inform you of the change & updated information. The ReadyFleet team is here with you from start to finish.

Service Vendors are paid safely & securely by ReadyFleet. To avoid any confusion, you are billed by ReadyFleet & the service vendors are paid by ReadyFleet.

You will receive an itemized invoice to the same email that was provided & used to complete the Road Service Authorization form.

Invoices can also be sent via Fax or SMS.

There is no one size fits all rates for service as rates are determined by quite a few variables.

These variables include

  1. Geographic Location
  2. Time of Day (Business Hours or After Hours)
  3. Weekday, Weekend or Holiday
  4. Type of Service
  5. Type of Vehicle
  6. Software, Tools & Equipment used.

To request a quote or get rates for your specific situation, please call (800) 931-7483. A member of the ReadyFleet team is happy to help!

In the unlikely event there is any type of problem with the service provided, please call ReadyFleet immediately. There is no problem or issue that we can't deal with. We are more than happy to make the situation right.

When calling to report an issue, please have your Invoice or Reference Number, ready to provide a thorough explanation as to what the problem is & ready to send any photographic proof to ReadyFleet via email or SMS.

Unlike other companies, ReadyFleet does not file a claim and throw it in the back of the filing cabinet. ReadyFleet looks for immediate solutions & typically resolves most issues within a couple of hours.

In the very highly unlikely event that service is not provided, your initial deposit will be reversed in full. If you are still in need of service, ReadyFleet will get in touch with other service vendors in your area on our network & get them out to you as quick as possible.

It is highly unlikely that this kind of event would occur, but things do happen. Please be advised that any service vendor who accepts a dispatch & does not show is immediately terminated from within our network. We hold ourselves & our service vendors to a very high standard. Actions like this is a reflection of us & that is not who we are.

ReadyFleet Roadside was crafted to ensure a safe, effective, affordable & valuable membership to have. All vehicles & drivers will experience breakdowns. It happens. Are you going to be unprepared when it does?

When you equip yourself with ReadyFleet Roadside you have

24 Hour Emergency Service

Free or Discounted Service Rates

The most affordable roadside assistance package in North America

Extensive nationwide coverage through our proprietary network

Discount Program

Service vendor tracking

The ability to pull your destination

Custom solutions that best suit your needs & driving habits

ReadyFleet iOS or Android App.

ReadyFleet Roadside is meant for all class sedans, SUVs, light duty pick-up trucks, medium duty pick-up trucks, station wagons, minivans, motorcycles, RVs & motor homes.

Yes! You can add as many vehicles as you like. There is a fee for each new vehicle added & the fee is based on your coverage plan.

No. ReadyFleet Roadside does not take the place of your insurance. ReadyFleet Roadside is a roadside assistance coverage plan that provides you with access to 24 hour emergency services that insurance either does not cover or overcharges you for.

ReadyFleet Protect is a breakdown assistance & roadside reimbursement program for commercial truck drivers & companies. ReadyFleet Protect provides you with 24 hour emergency services & saves you money on breakdown expenses.

In-Shop & On-Site Truck & Trailer Repairs

Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

Tire Repair & Retread

DPF Services

Roadside Assistance

ReadyFleet Protect is here to change the way commercial breakdown assistance & reimbursement programs shape, view & treat their clients. To help get you & your unit back up & running as quickly & efficiently as possible. ReadyFleet Protect is here to set the bar when it comes to client care, customer satisfaction & authentic breakdown assistance.

ReadyFleet Protect is specifically crafted & designed for the commercial trucking industry.

ReadyFleet Protect covers

All Class Diesel Trucks

All Class & Type Trailers

Heavy Equipment & Machinery

Class A Motor Homes

Motor Coaches

Commercial Busses

Construction Vehicles

Military Vehicles

Boats, Planes & Helicopters

No. ReadyFleet Protect does not take the place of your insurance. ReadyFleet Protect is a roadside assistance coverage plan that provides you with access to 24 hour emergency services that insurance either does not cover or overcharges you for.

ReadyFleet Extend is an extended warranty for all class vehicles.

ReadyFleet Extend was crafted to ensure that your vehicle lives its full life, no questions asked.

Extended warranty coverage includes, but is not limited to Engines, Transmissions, Computer Systems & Clutch.

Yes! Almost all used dealerships & most new dealerships require you to leave with an extended warranty package. At some point before the paperwork is completed, your salesmen will hand you a glossy little pamphlet & hit you with the requirements.

What they don't want you know is that they'll make a commission off of that sale too. They also don't want you to know that majority of the times those coverage fees are over inflated & unreasonably high.

Call ReadyFleet & you can have a ReadyFleet Extend quote in as little as two minutes!

If you are in a situation where you need the papers filed fast, out team can assure they'll get it done & remitted to where ever it needs to go!

No. Unlike most companies, ReadyFleet Extend policy holders do not pay out of pocket when it comes to covered repair services.

ReadyFleet Extend covers your repair costs (minus your deductible) directly to the repair facility. Even more, you are free to bring your vehicle to any service repair shop you'd like. If you do not have or know of a repair facility, ReadyFleet can assist with that too!

ReadyFleet Extend coverage plans are quoted by numerous variables such as

Vehicle Year

Vehicle History Report

Vehicle Mileage

Vehicle Usage Rate

Vehicle Condition

Geographic Location

Every vehicle is different & to help us accurately serve you accordingly, we need to have a proper understanding of your vehicle.

As a business owner, there is never such a thing as too much marketing or advertising. Whether it be online, in person or word of mouth, the more presence & exposure you have, the higher the change for more business growth.

The average cost for lead generation companies is in the $4-500 per month range. The average cost for directory listings is $3-500 per year.

The ReadyFleet vendor program is a fraction of that cost. For $9.95 per month, you get access to both!

Receive breakdown calls in your service coverage area from our fleet account members & non-account holders. Our highly trained & experienced dispatchers know what information they need to take to help you best accurately service the customer!

Not only do you receive breakdown calls from ReadyFleet, but you also get more of an online presence & SEO with our premium directory listings! There are no limits or restrictions with premium directory listings & can help boost SEO & online presence. To make it even more enticing, a member from the ReadyFleet marketing team will ensure that your published listing is keyword & meta rich, providing you with high success of SEO.

ReadyFleet pays you direct via Virtual Credit Card.

If you can provide ReadyFleet a quote during the initial call, ReadyFleet will provide payment via virtual credit card prior to you being dispatched out.

If you cannot accurately quote a service during the initial call, payment is remitted upon completion of service. Simply call ReadyFleet on completion of service with your Invoice or Reference number & payment will be generated immediately.

No more waiting to get paid, broken promises of getting paid or any other black hat tactic in the book. ReadyFleet pays on time, all the time.

All paperwork including invoices, receipts, quotes, certifications, etc can be remitted by email.


Yes. When you sign up for the ReadyFleet vendor program, you will receive an email containing your username, temporary password & a link of where to login to your account. Your listing can be updated at any time from within your account.

Your vendor account is your ReadyFleet home base. From within your account, you can

Update your business listing

View your payment history

Review your upcoming payments

View past work orders

Find detailed metrics of how your business listing is performing

Find your vendor account managers direct information Upload photos, videos & documents to your company profile or work orders

Integrate with your social media accounts

Connect with other ReadyFleet vendors

Buy, sell & trade tools, equipment & vehicles

and More

ReadyFleet vendors are given access to an easy to use & understand dashboard with advanced insights, social connectivity & account management features. Our platform is consistently updated to give our vendors & account holders the best experience possible.